Amy Taubin


01. A History of Violence (David Cronenberg)
02. 2046 (Wong Kar-wai)
03. The Holy Girl (Lucrecia Martel)
04. The Intruder (Claire Denis)
05. Blue Movie (Andy Warhol)
06. Last Days (Gus Van Sant)
07. No Direction Home (Martin Scorsese)
08. Funny Ha Ha (Andrew Bujalski)
09. Police Beat (Robinson Devor)
10. Robert Beavers / Owen Land [retrospectives]

Lists are preferential; most compiled by Mike D'Angelo

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(Village Voice)
01. Full Metal Jacket (Stanley Kubrick)
02. A Woman Alone (Agnieszka Holland)
03. Sammy and Rosie Get Laid (Stephen Frears)
04. The Cup and the Lip (Warren Sonbert)
05. Near Dark (Kathryn Bigelow)
06. Rosa Luxemburg (Margarethe von Trotta)
07. Peking Opera Blues (Tsui Hark)
08. The Stepfather (Joseph Ruben)
09. Law of Desire (Pedro Almodovar)
10. Bad Blood (Leos Carax)


(Village Voice)
01. Dead Ringers (David Cronenberg)
02. Talk Radio (Oliver Stone)
03. The Last Temptation of Christ (Martin Scorsese)
04. A World Apart (Chris Menges)
05. Haircut (Andy Warhol)
06a. A Girl's Own Story (Jane Campion)
06b. After Hours (Jane Campion)
06c. Peel (Jane Campion)
06d. Passionless Moments (Jane Campion)
07. King Lear (Jean-Luc Godard)
08. Opening Night (John Cassavetes)
09. The Emperor's Naked Army Marches On (Kazuo Hara)
10a. Frantic (Roman Polanski)
10b. Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Robert Zemeckis)


(Village Voice)
01. Pierrot le Fou (Jean-Luc Godard)
02. Chocolat (Claire Denis)
03. Do the Right Thing (Spike Lee)
04. Life Lessons [from New York Stories] (Martin Scorsese)
05. Max Mon Amour (Nagisa Oshima)
06. Casualties of War (Brian De Palma)
07. Mystery Train (Jim Jarmusch)
08. Story of Women (Claude Chabrol)
09. Roger & Me (Michael Moore)
10a. Friendly Witness (Warren Sonbert)
10b. Kitchen Sink (Alison Maclean)
10c. Belladonna (Beth B)


(Village Voice)
01. GoodFellas (Martin Scorsese)
02. Sweetie (Jane Campion)
03. A Short Film About Killing (Krzysztof Kieslowski)
04. Winter Ade (Helke Misselwitz)
05. The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, & Her Lover (Peter Greenaway)
06. Speaking Parts (Atom Egoyan)
07. To Sleep With Anger (Charles Burnett)
08. White Hunter, Black Heart (Clint Eastwood)
09. Gremlins 2: The New Batch (Joe Dante)
10a. Pump Up the Volume (Allan Moyle)
10b. The Big Dis (Gordon Eriksen/John O'Brien)
10c. Twister (Michael Almereyda)
11. Dances With Wolves (Kevin Costner)
12. The Two Jakes (Jack Nicolson)
13. Darkman (Sam Raimi)
14. The Grifters (Stephen Frears)
15. The Krays (Peter Medak)


(Village Voice)
01. My Own Private Idaho (Gus Van Sant)
02. The Silence of the Lambs (Jonathan Demme)
03. Thelma & Louise (Ridley Scott)
04. Europa, Europa (Agnieszka Holland)
05. The Body Beautiful (Ngozi Onwurah)
06. White Dog (Samuel Fuller)
07. Poison (Todd Haynes)
08. An Angel at My Table (Jane Campion)
09. Boyz N the Hood (John Singleton)
10. Naked Lunch (David Cronenberg)


(Village Voice)
01. Germany Year 90 Nine Zero (Jean-Luc Godard)
02. Alien 3 (David Fincher)
03. The Match Factory Girl (Aki Kaurismaki)
04a. Short Fuse (Warren Sonbert)
04b. Side/Walk/Shuttle (Ernie Gehr)
04c. Scenes from the Life of George Maciunas (Jonas Mekas)
05. The Hours and Times (Christopher Münch)
06. Night and Day (Chantal Akerman)
07. Raising Cain (Brian De Palma)
08. The Crying Game (Neil Jordan)
09. Laws of Gravity (Nick Gomez)
10. One False Move (Carl Franklin)
11. No Fear, No Die (Claire Denis)
12. Dirty as an Angel (Catherine Breillat)
13. The Adjuster (Atom Egoyan)


(Village Voice)
01. The Age of Innocence (Martin Scorsese)
02. Naked (Mike Leigh)
03. Household Saints (Nancy Savoca)
04a. Dottie Gets Spanked (Todd Haynes)
04b. The Scary Movie ()
04c. Moving In (Chantal Akerman)
05. Farewell My Concubine (Chen Kaige)
06. Philadelphia (Jonathan Demme)
07. Another Girl Another Planet (Michael Almereyda)
08. The Secret Garden (Agnieszka Holland)
09. Ruby in Paradise (Victor Nunez)
10. Just Another Girl on the I.R.T. (Leslie Harris)


(Village Voice)
01. JLG by JLG: December Self-Portrait (Jean-Luc Godard)
02. "The Films of Andy Warhol Part II" [retrospective]
03. Crooklyn (Spike Lee)
04. Speed (Jan De Bont)
05. The Color of Love (Peggy Ahwesh)
06. Hoop Dreams (Steve James)
07. [Alan Clarke retrospective]
08. Pulp Fiction (Quentin Tarantino)
09. Bhaji on the Beach (Gurinder Chadha)
10. Clerks (Kevin Smith)


(Village Voice)
01a. Coming to Terms (Pascale Ferran)
01b. Kids (Larry Clark)
01c. Safe (Todd Haynes)
02. Seven (David Fincher)
03a. I Can't Sleep (Claire Denis)
03b. U.S. Go Home (Claire Denis)
04. Clockers (Spike Lee)
05. Babe (Chris Noonan)
06. The Addiction (Abel Ferrara)
07. Portrait of a Young Girl from Brussels (Chantal Akerman)
08. Fate (Fred Kelemen)
09. An Awfully Big Adventure (Mike Newell)
10. Lessons of Darkness (Werner Herzog)


(Village Voice)
01. The Portrait of a Lady (Jane Campion)
02. Dead Man (Jim Jarmusch)
03. Ma Saison Preferee (Andre Techine)
04. The Silence of the Palaces (Moufida Tlati)
05. Chungking Express (Wong Kar-wai)
06. Two Friends (Jane Campion)
07. Beautiful Thing (Hettie MacDonald)
08. Nico Icon (Suzanne Ofteringer)
09. Set It Off (F. Gary Gray)
10. Lone Star (John Sayles)


(Village Voice)
01. Crash (David Cronenberg)
02. Kundun (Martin Scorsese)
03. Forever Mozart (Jean-Luc Godard)
04. Happy Together (Wong Kar-wai)
05. Soul in the Hole (Danielle Gardner)
06. My Sex Life...or How I Got Into an Argument(Arnaud Desplechin)
07. Temptress Moon (Chen Kaige)
08. Ulee's Gold (Victor Nunez)
09. Chasing Amy (Kevin Smith)
10. L.A. Confidential (Curtis Hanson)


(Village Voice)
01. Fallen Angels (Wong Kar-wai)
01. Affliction (Paul Schrader)
01. Velvet Goldmine (Todd Solondz)
01. Mother and Son (Alexander Sokurov)
01. Sonatine (Takeshi Kitano)
01. Outer and Inner Space and Restaurant (Andy Warhol)
07. Flat Is Beautiful (Sadie Benning)
08. He Got Game (Spike Lee)
09. The Butcher Boy (Neil Jordan)
10. Bulworth (Warren Beatty)
11. Out of Sight (Steven Soderberg)
12. The Thin Red Line (Terrence Malick)
13. illtown (Nick Gomez)
14. Buffalo '66 (Vincent Gallo)


(Village Voice)
01. Flowers of Shanghai (Hou Hsiao-hsien)
02. Topsy-Turvy (Mike Leigh)
03. Leila (Dariush Mehrjui)
04. Holy Smoke (Jane Campion)
05. Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train (Patrice Chéreau)
06. Being John Malkovich (Spike Jonze)
07. Eyes Wide Shut (Stanley Kubrick)
08. I Stand Alone (Gaspar Noë)
09. eXistenZ (David Cronenberg)
10. Dogma (Kevin Smith)

Best Films of the 1990s

(Village Voice)
01. JLG/JLG (Jean-Luc Godard)
02. The Portrait of a Lady (Jane Campion)
03. The Age of Innocence (Martin Scorsese)
04. Fallen Angels (Wong Kar-wai)
05. Goodbye South, Goodbye (Hou Hsiao-hsien)
06. Safe (Todd Haynes)
07. My Own Private Idaho (Gus Van Sant)
08. Thelma and Louise (Ridley Scott)
09. Coming to Terms With Death (Pascale Ferran)
10. Crash (David Cronenberg)


(Village Voice)
01. Flowers of Shanghai (Hou Hsiao-hsien)
02. Topsy-Turvy (Mike Leigh)
03. Leila (Dariush Mehrjui)
04. Holy Smoke (Jane Campion)
05. Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train (Patrice Chéreau)
06. Being John Malkovich (Spike Jonze)
07. Eyes Wide Shut (Stanley Kubrick)
08. I Stand Alone (Gaspar Noë)
09. eXistenZ (David Cronenberg)
10. Dogma (Kevin Smith)


(Village Voice)
01. Beau Travail (Claire Denis)
02. The House of Mirth (Terence Davies)
03. Ratcatcher (Lynne Ramsay)
04. Yi Yi (A One and a Two) (Edward Yang)
05. Wonder Boys (Curtis Hanson)
06. Love and Basketball (Gina Prince-Bythewood)
07. Human Resources (Laurent Cantet)
08. Madadayo (Akira Kurosawa)
09. Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai (Jim Jarmusch)
10. Bamboozled (Spike Lee)


(Film Comment)
01. Beau travail (Claire Denis)
02. In the Mood for Love (Wong Kar-wai)
03. Eureka (Shinji Aoyama)
04. The House of Mirth (Terence Davies)
05. Love & Basketball (Gina Prince-Bythewood)
06. La Captive (Chantal Akerman)
07. Werkmeister Harmonies (Bela Tarr)
08. The Heart of the World (Guy Maddin)
09. Ratcatcher (Lynne Ramsay)
10. Wonder Boys (Curtis Hanson)


(Village Voice)
01. Éloge De L'Amour (In Praise Of Love) (Jean-Luc Godard)
02. Mulholland Dr. (David Lynch)
03. The Ground (Robert Beavers)
04. Sobibor, Oct. 14, 1943, 4 p.m. (Claude Lanzmann)
05. Warm Water Under a Red Bridge (Shohei Imamura)
06. As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty (Jonas Mekas)
07. Donnie Darko (Richard Kelly)
08. Fat Girl (Catherine Breillat)
09. Je rentre à la maison (I'm Going Home) (Manoel de Oliveira)
10. Journey to the Sun (Yesim Ustaoglu)


01. Spider (David Cronenberg)
02. In Praise of Love (Jean-Luc Godard)
03. *Corpus Callosum (Michael Snow)
04. Atanarjuat (The Fast Runner) (Zacharias Kunuk)
05. La Commune (Paris, 1871) (Peter Watkins)
06. Far From Heaven (Todd Haynes)
07. Femme Fatale (Brian De Palma)
08. The Uncertainty Principle (Manoel de Oliveira)
09. Auto Focus (Paul Schrader)
10. Lovely & Amazing (Nicole Holofcener)


(Film Comment)
01. Spider (David Cronenberg)
02. The Commune (Paris, 1871) (Peter Watkins)
03. Solaris (Steven Soderbergh)
04. Far From Heaven (Todd Haynes)
05. Femme Fatale (Brian De Palma)
06. *Corpus Callosum (Michael Snow)
07. The Fast Runner (Zacharias Kunuk)
08. The Uncertainty Principle (Manoel de Oliveira)
09. Gerry (Gus Van Sant)
10. Lovely & Amazing (Nicole Holofcener)


01. K Street (Steven Soderbergh)
02. Elephant (Gus Van Sant)
03. Play Dead; Real Time (Douglas Gordon)
04. Love and Diane (Jennifer Dworkin)
05. Bus 174 (José Padilha)
06. Star Spangled to Death (Ken Jacobs)
07. Seaside (Julie Lopes-Curval)
08. Camp (Todd Graff)
09. Crimson Gold (Jafar Panahi)
10. Distant (Nuri Bilge Ceylan)


(Film Comment)
01. Elephant (Gus Vant Sant)
02. To Be and to Have (Nicolas Philibert)
03. Love and Diane (Jennifer Dworkin)
04. Bus 174 (José Padilha)
05. Seaside (Julie Lopes-Curval)
06. Star Spangled to Death (Ken Jacobs)
07. Friday Night (Claire Denis)
08. Camp (Todd Graff)
09. Funny Ha Ha (Andrew Bujalski)
10. In This World (Michael Winterbottom)


(Art Forum)
01. Before Sunset (Richard Linklater)
02. The Big Red One (Samuel Fuller)
03. Internal Affairs [trilogy] (Andrew Lau & Alan Mak)
04. A Talking Picture (Manoel de Oliveira)
05. Primer (Shane Carruth)
06. Cowards Bend the Knee (Guy Maddin)
07. Café Lumière (Hou Hsiao-hsien)
08. Fahrenheit 9/11 (Michael Moore)
09. Arna's Children (Juliano Mer Khamis & Danniel Danniel)
10. Metallica: Some Kind of Monster (Joe Berlinger & Bruce Sinofsky)